FITNB is Trademarked!


It’s official: Fit is the New Black is a trademarked blog!!

Fit is the New Black has been in existence since 2009 or 2010. I started it as a hobby and it’s evolved in so many ways since then. When I began blogging, the term “(fill in the blank) is the new black” wasn’t such a buzzworthy term in pop culture but was generally something you read in fashion mags. I developed a sturdy following of readers back in my days and had a huge following on Tumblr. That’s when I started to notice annoying copycats popping up. They used different url’s but their blog titles were similar or straight up the same. That urked me out, so I decided to protect myself and go official. Yes it cost some money and took some time but it’s worth it in the end. I now how legal rights and if I so choose I can send these copycats “cease and desist” letters because really, this is the original Fit is the New Black and no one should accept wannabes or imitations. Even though sometimes I take blogging hiatuses, FITNB is my baby and I love it. I’m not going to just leave it to the wolves.

In other news, if you follow me on Instagram (@miss_holly_j) you know I’ve broken out into a gnarly rash.


This weekend my arms broke out into this mess! Gross, I know. The culprit? My diet.

Oh, diets can be such tricky beasts. I think I’m going to write a more detailed post about food allergies and intolerances down the road, so I’ll just say here that when I look back at what I’ve had in the last week this skin rash makes sense. Last weekend I had ice cream with cookies. I’ve been enjoying way too many sauces and dips. I’ve had chips and I also have been sneaking bites of the pasta I made for my boyfriend. Because I eat well most of the time it’s really easy for me to ignore these indulgences. I eat them in such small amounts that I fool myself into thinking I’ll be fine. The problem is that when these “small amounts” happen frequently, my body freaks out. Now I’m beginning to wonder if this is the reason I’ve been also feeling stressed and moody.

I really hate the idea of having to monitor everything I eat and being so stringent. I associate these things with eating disorders and you know how I feel about that.  On the flip,  I also feel too old to still be dealing with this. There was a time when I always had rashes like this on my arms and face. Eventually I hauled in my eating habits and the problem went away. I look back and cringe over how reluctant I was to do something that was good for me. Now I’m thinking I’m repeating history. Not cool.

Finally, remember how a few posts ago I wrote about how I wouldn’t wear leggings to the gym? Well guess what I’ve been sporting recently?

workout outfit

I’ve come to strongly dislike posting cell phone pics on FITNB but just so you can see me in the feared garment…



I started wearing leggings and tight pants out in public, so I decided to try do it at the gym. Honestly, it’s easier working out when you’re not wearing heavy clothes. Who knew?

That’s it, darlings. How was your weekend?